"Nun Better!"Edit

Driving through Gotham City and even catching a glimpse of the new Batman, a group of Japanese truckers led by Chiba, are delivering flowers to a newly opened florist shop. One of them, a young man named Hikaru soon has the shop up and running. His first customer is an elderly woman, who is actually Catwoman in disguise.

After purchasing some flowers, she heads to the local Catholic church in order to draw out a new gang who call themselves the Lost Souls and commit hate crimes against church-goers and the religious under their leader, Lucifer. Catwoman's motive is revenge, after the gang put a nun who feeds the local stray cats in the hospital.

Outside the church, she is greeted by a Japanese nun, Hana, who is now feeding the cats in the injured Magdalene's stead. Catwoman "mislays" her purse to try and draw the gang out, but the sister sees it and tries to give it back to her, only to run into the gang herself. Catwoman is prepared to deal with the gang, but Hikaru, still believing she is an old woman begs her not to get involved. Catwoman removes her disguise, finally, and she and Hikaru start to tussle. Meanwhile, sister Hana is not just an average nun, and she starts to take the gang members on with martial arts skills.

Unfortunately, Hana is quickly outnumbered, but help arrives in the form of young Japanese boy on roller skates named Genji. Chiba tells Hikaru to stop fighting with Catwoman as she is there to help, and Catwoman prevents Genji from being shot by Lucifer. Together, they chase the gang towards Chiba's flower truck, where Cousin Jethro, a very large man, takes them out. As it turns out, the nuns of the church looked after Hana and Genji when they were kids and their being there was also an attempt to protect the nuns from the Lost Souls. As sirens are heard in the distance, the truckers hightail it to Metropolis, determined to provide pink tulips for a prom there, and leaving Catwoman laughing about the whole situation.


"Nun Better!"Edit