"Animal Rites"Edit

The "Friends of the Earth Nature Magic Alliance" show Catwoman footage of various animals in a third world country that have been killed by a neuro-toxin called Xyklon-C. The group also gives Catwoman a collar for cats that raises their volume level to incredible proportions. A trade conference is coming to Gotham City within the week to talk about development in rain-forested countries, and because international law prevents developers from building in areas populated by endangered species, they plan to use the neuro-toxin as a quiet means to proceed with their plans. Even though the group went to the press, a bribe kept the story out of print. Unfortunately, to their shame, the toxin was developed by one of the group's own - Prof. Job Underhill.

Underholl is walking the streets of Gotham when kidnappers attempt to take him. Their actions are thwarted by the new Batman. Meanwhile, Catwoman goes home to feed her cats and change into a frumpy outfit so she can return to the Friends as Selina. Before leaving, she puts the radio-collar onto one of her cats, Julio.

Back at the Friends' headquarters, Prof. Underhill is collecting himself after narrowly escaping the mugging. Selina is silently flabbergasted at the Batman's new look, as the Professor explains that he believes he was being kidnapped in order to gain access to the neuro-toxin. He says that Xyklon-C is inert by itself, but it needs to be mixed with a co-agent, Atrophane, and its mixing process - which is detailed in Valentine's notes - is extremely complicated. While Job expresses his guilt over his work, Marv and Doogie make off with Valentine's notes and the Professor's van with the Atrophane in it, and plan to release the gas at the trade conference. When their absence is discovered, Selina vows to prevent them from stealing the Xyklon-C.

Catwoman goes to the warehouse holding the Xyklon-C, bringing along Julio and the radio-collar. She discovers the barrel of Xyklon-C easily, along with a barrel of Benzotrilene, which she hopes to use as a decoy. She takes the Xyklon-C and hides it near the warehouse, but while she goes back for the second agent, her actions are watched from above by Batman.


"Animal Rites"Edit