"Menage A Trois"
General Information
Series: Catwoman
Issue Number: 65
First Published: February 1999
Previous Issue: Catwoman #64
Next Issue: Catwoman #66


"Menage A Trois"Edit

The Joker decide that it would be a good idea to set the Batman and Catwoman up on a date. However, it's better to see them on a happy date, so he uses the use of rockets, which contain the Joker Venom. It hits both targets, but Batman doesn't breathe it in. However, Catwoman stops and starts laughing like crazy. The Joker halts and goes to Catwoman, to deliver the final blow. However, he meets his match in Selina, Catwoman satisfyingly turns the tables on the Joker in the end, not really needing the help of Batman.


"Menage A Trois"Edit




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