"Body Chemistry"Edit

Catwoman is forced to deal with Gordon and his men after Batman puts blame upon her for stealing nerotoxins to fund terrorist activities, leaving her incensed. Fortunately, she activates the new collar amplifier on the cat she brought with her, causing the cat's voice to sound like a large wild feline, which allows her to escape. But before leaving, she tells Gordon where the Xyklon-C is and to keep it safe.

Marv and Doogie are bummed that the police now have the Xyklon-C, which leaves the co-agent they've stolen useless without it. They decide to kidnap Job to make him mix the stuff to be released in the trade conference. Job and Valentine arrive outside the conference, with Job willing to go the trade developers to make them see reason, when Marv and Doogie pull up in Job's stolen van and kidnap the professor.

Catwoman turns on the Bat-Signal at police headquarters and Batman arrives. She convinces Batman that she's not seeking profit for the chemicals and asks for help to thwart the terrorists. At a vocational school, Job mixes the chemicals for the terrorists. Doogie takes off for the conference with the mixture, while Marv decides to kill Job. Before he can proceed, Batman and Catwoman bust in on the scene and take out Marv. Job tells Batman that all he mixed up for Doogie was simple tear gas. The police arrive at the conference and take in Doogie, while Catwoman boasts her accomplishments to everybody from a moving helicopter, amusing Gordon and enraging Batman.


"Body Chemistry"Edit