"Tears for Fluffy"Edit

The streets of Tricorner are packed with mourners as the coffin of Jamal “Fluffy” Meeks is carried down Van Buren Avenue as members of the GCPD provide protection. Among the members of the procession for the former singer are many celebrities and a very interested man known as The Banner. At “Gigo’s Auto Repair”, a man named El Estandarte and his associate congratulate themselves on secretly moving Fluffy’s body so his death can’t be traced back to there. Gotham’s mayor makes a secret phone call to a detective named Marchak and instructs the man to go to Fluffy’s townhouse and remove a large envelope addressed to the mayor from a safe hidden behind one of the wall paintings in the library. From a secret location, Catwoman overhears the mayor’s conversation and arrives at the penthouse. After a brief fight with Marchak and his associate, Catwoman steals the envelope. Inside the envelope, Catwoman finds photos and negatives, some including the mayor’s wife, that the feline beauty knows can be used as blackmail against his honor. Back at Fluffy’s funeral, a firefight between The Banner, detectives Kelly and Costas, the GCPD, and members of Fluffy’s “honor guard” breaks out, leaving five dead and nine wounded. While Marchak is reporting his failure to the mayor, he receives a call from Catwoman telling him to keep Gordon off her back or she will go public with the photos. Angered, the mayor turns to Marchak and tells him to “get Catwoman”.


"Tears for Fluffy"Edit