"The End -- of the Illusion!"Edit

After bugling a jewel heist during Gotham’s Fashion Week, Catwoman ponders whether she should continue the charade of being the feline fatale or stop stealing her “sister’s life”. In a fancy restaurant above Gotham City, detectives Marchak and Belivell receive a payoff for their part in helping a man named Valmont bypass certain zoning laws, when suddenly the sprinkler system goes off. In the ensuing confusion, Marchak is bumped by a “Puerto Rican cook” who secretly steals the payoff money. Outside, on the roof of the building, Catwoman ditches her disguise before being shot at by Belivell, jumping off the roof, and disappearing. Catwoman wakes up some undetermined time later, wondering how she got back to her apartment, stating the last thing she remembered was being shot at by Marchak and Belivell.

Finding a power bill lying amongst other bills on the floor, Selina looks at the name addressed on the envelope: M. Kyle. Assuming the bill is for her sister Maggie, Selina wonders why her sister is in Gotham. To further complicate matters, Selina finds her purple jumpsuit costume in her closet and her mother’s crucifix on her dresser. Selina knows Maggie could not possibly have planted the crucifix in her room, because her younger sister never knew Selina took it from bathroom in which their mother committed suicide and placed it in a safe deposit box. Scared something more may be going on; Selina sets a video camera to record her movements. At the GCPD, newly appointed Commissioner Atkins tells Kelly and Costas to stop their investigation into Catwoman. Surprised Atkins knew the detectives were continuing their investigations despite Gordon’s order not to; Costas becomes angry at Kelly for going behind her back and consulting Atkins. Regardless, Atkins assigns the detectives to “Narcotics under Lieutenant Gromyko at the seventy-one”. Angered further, Costas tells Kelly to find a new partner. After awakening at the edge of the roof of a building, Selina returns to her apartment and discovers what she feared on the video camera; that she has been having blackouts and leading a double life as “my sister pretending to be me”. Thinking the two sisters and two personalities angle fit the modus operandi of Two-Face, Selina breaks into Arkham and confronts Harvey Dent. Dent denies any involvement but tells Catwoman who is responsible: the Scarecrow.


"The End -- of the Illusion!"Edit