Catwoman vol3 logo
General Information
Type: Monthly Series
Total Issues: 83
Published: January 2002 - March 2010
Creators: Ed Brubaker
Darwyn Cooke


The new series started a short time after and had Selina going through some major changes. She hadn't used her Catwoman costume for over 6 months and was seeing Leslie Thompkins, a therapist recommended by Batman, to talk through her problems. With her hair cut short, Selina ditched her old outfit for a slinky and according to an approving Batman, more sensible black leather one. The opening story arc, "Anodyne" dealt with Catwoman's return to her old neighborhood of Gotham's East End and her worries that she might revert to her old ways. The main villain was a shape-changing serial killer who had been bringing terror to the East End's prostitutes. With Brubaker's tight, noir-like scripting and Darwyn Cooke's stylish artwork, Catwoman's new direction made the character more popular than ever.

Story Arcs

  • The Dark End of the Street
  • Crooked Little Town
  • Relentless
  • Wild Ride
  • War Games
  • Blackest Night
  • One Year Later
  • The Replacements
  • It's Only a Movie
  • Catwoman Dies
  • It's Only a Movie
  • Amazons Attack
  • Crime Pays
  • The Long Road Home


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