"The Replacements Part One"Edit

In a downtown Gotham City hospital Selina Kyle, under the alias Irena Dubrovna, gives birth to her daughter, Helena Kyle. Meanwhile in the East End the new Catwoman, Holly Robinson, clumsily takes out a trio of hoodlums who had stolen 73 high-end video cameras. When she questions one of them, he drops the name Edison, a filmmaker. Catwoman has no idea she is being observed by Angle Man, who is obsessed with Catwoman after she betrayed him a year ago.

When Selina leaves the hospital she meets up with Slam Bradley and Holly Robinson, the two people who know that Irena Dubrovna is really Selina Kyle. Slam sees Holly's bruised face, and though Selina and Holly try to hide her new profession from Slam the detective knows something is up. Meanwhile Detective Jim Lenahan is convinced Catwoman killed Black Mask, and he picks up the trail again after interrogating one of the toughs Holly busted.

One night Batman appears in Selina's apartment with presents for her infant, and concern over Holly. Selina expresses complete confidence in her protege. Meanwhile Holly falls into a trap laid by Angle Man.


"The Replacements Part One"Edit