"The Replacements Part Two"Edit

After previously witnessing the birth of Selina Kyle's child we are now given our look into when Selina first found out she was pregnant, as she broke into a convenience store and stole the pregnancy test. Now we are brought back to current time, and we Selina and Helena lounging about her apartment. Selina then receives a telephone call from Karon, Holly's girlfriend, expressing concern over the fact Holly has yet to return. Selina reassures her that Holly is just fine, unaware that Holly is much less than fine as she is tied up and laying on the edge of a sky scraper, unmasked. The man behind Holly's current situation is a bad guy from Selina's past who has a personal bone to pick with her.

Having no other option other to fight head on and only think about her only life, Holly viscously attacks the man mutilating his face, and leaving him in a situation where death is more than likely. She flees the scene unaware that a bystander has caught her unmasked attack on camera. When she finally returns home she is emotionally wrecked confiding with Karon that she does not want to talk about it she locks herself in the bathroom and begins to cry, hands stained with blood and bleeding. Not wanting to burden Selina Holly calls up WIldcat and asks him to train her. Meanwhile Slam is having a drink at a bar when Jim Lenahan, a detective who is accusing Catwoman of being the murderer of Black Mask walks and sits down to have a chat with Slam.

Slam sticks by Selina denying all of this man's claims about him and her as well as the situation with Black Mask. As the night progresses we are brought back into Selina's life as we see her unable to sleep. She turns on the TV and begins to watch a show hosted by the Film Freak. The Film Freak managed to get the video of Holly and the man where she leaves him bloody upon the roof top. Selina is left mortified by what she has seen happen to her friend. The man whom Holly harmed is scene walking the streets of Gotham, and receives a call from the Film Freak who strikes a deal with Selina's old foe.


"The Replacements Part Two"Edit