"Catwoman Dies, Part One"Edit

Holly Robinson goes looking for a young girl named Amanda who had gone missing. Her search leads her to a hideout where a new villainess named Blitzkrieg has tied the missing child to a chair with the intention of killing her over a live webcam. Catwoman breaks into the building and battles the villainess, but is caught off guard when Blitzkrieg attacks with a pyrotechnic blast that projects out from her fingertips. With both Catwoman and Amanda now restrained, Blitzkrieg promises her online audience a double execution. However, Catwoman, thinking fast, shouts the location of the hideout, informing the cops who had been watching the stream. Catwoman then breaks free and incapacitates the villainess before safely handing Amanda over to the police.

Detective Lenahan, who had been pursuing Catwoman, shows up at the crime scene and places her under arrest. However, after an explosion is heard from the top floor where Blitzkrieg had been left, Lenahan reluctantly releases Catwoman from her cuffs; knowing that she might be the best asset in capturing the villainess. Catwoman acts as a distraction, allowing Lenahan to knock Blitzkrieg unconscious once more. Their victory is short lived as two new villains, a man holding a giant sledge hammer and a woman with the Soviet communist symbol shaved in her head, show up immediately after. The woman, named Sickle, uses her weapon of the same name to swiftly decapitate Lenahan.


"Catwoman Dies, Part One"Edit