"Final Jeopardy, Part 3"
General Information
Series: Catwoman
The Long Road Home
Issue Number: 82
First Published: October 2008
Previous Issue: Catwoman #81
Next Issue: Catwoman #83


"Final Jeopardy, Part 3"Edit

The not-so-long kiss goodnight! Catwoman's trying to stay one step ahead of Batman, the police and the supervillains of Gotham City, but she's going to have to doublecross one of them. Will they be able to live with it? And will she still be standing when the smoke has cleared?


"Final Jeopardy, Part 3"Edit




  • This series lasted for 82 issues until it was canceled, only a little over a year later it was resurrected for a single issue, #83, as a tie-in to the Blackest Night event.

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