Catwoman Vol 4-1 Cover-2

Catwoman (Volume 4) Issue #1 Cover-2

"...and Most of The Costumes Stay On..."Edit

With some thugs hot on her trail, Selina Kyle desperately tugs her Catwoman costume on only half zipping it up grabs her phone, shoves her numerous cats into a carrying case, and leaps out her window just as they break down her door. She's eight rooftops away before she looks back, only to see her apartment explode in flames before her eyes.

Determined not to get hung up about it, Selina visits her friend Lola, a former show girl, who also acts as her fence and intel man. Lola makes sure her friend is alright, and then offers her a fancy hotel room to squat in, and a lead on a new job. Despite her own involvement with illegal activities, Lola is concerned for Selina's mental health. Posing as the bartender at party being thrown by the Russian Ivgene Clan, Selina listens in for any leads on a potential job. She hears little of interest until someone mentions a painting which has been in the clan for years. The painting is not of significant monetary value, but the leader of the clan places a very high sentimental value upon it something Selina can use to her advantage.

Unexpectedly, Selina catches a glimpse of a man called Renald; a man whom she obviously fears. Thinking back, she remembers watching Renald as he abused and murdered a girl right before her eyes. Renald is supposed to be in prison now.

She undoes her blouse, in order to capture his attention, and follows him into the bathroom. She seduces him into getting close to her, and then suddenly lashes out with her sharpened fingernails, scratching his face deeply, and slamming his head into the counter. Unfortunately, this detour has given the real bartender enough time to recover from her chloroform dose, and Selina decides to simply become Catwoman, and make her presence known.

After knocking some heads and escaping the party, Selina returns to the penthouse suite at Gotham's Hotel Belle Monico. She is surprised to find Batman hiding in the shadows. Before he can say much, she leaps into his arms and kisses him. He resists, knowing that they both have their demons. She forces herself on him, noting that he usually puts up a fight, but eventually gives in to her. They undress each other, having sex on the rooftop. This is not the first time, and usually, most of the costumes stay on.


"...and Most of The Costumes Stay On..."Edit