"And All That is Left is For Me."Edit

While Yolanda and Detective Alvararez of the Gotham City Police Department grow increasingly suspicious of their fellow law enforcers, Dollhouse continues his rash of abductions of prostitutes and drug addicts. Just as he abducts another victim, Catwoman attacks his van. She has been spending more and more time acting as vigilante rather than a thief, but this was the most bold action she's taken in that regard. Soon a shoot-out occurs, Dollhouse with an assault rifle, Catwoman with a pistol.

Once Catwoman realizes she might be outgunned, Spark arrives in a getaway car to rescue her. Even once they've gotten away to safety, Selina attempts to go after him again. Spark stops her, asking her why she cares so much about "street trash". Defensive and upset, Selina admits that she was once abducted and no one came to her rescue. Clearly emotionally distraught, Spark breaks the moment by kissing Selina.

Elsewhere, the kidnapped prostitute is kept in a simple while room while Dollhouse berates him over a loud speaker for being unclean and how a healing process must begin. Other captives are shown in different stages of the detox process, some deep in withdrawal and others coming out the other end, calm and serene. Finally, a victim at the end of Dollhouse's process is shown: a corpse with major organs harvested and preserved in a way to appear like a life-size doll. And Dollhouse has several of these "dolls", each set in different lifeless poses of recreation.

Elsewhere, Gwen Altamont discusses various heist jobs that she has cleared as being safe. However, none of them are of interest to Catwoman, who argues that their most recent job has set them up for a while yet. When Gwen states her concern that Catwoman is working solo again, Selina assures her that she isn't working alone anymore. Later that night, she pays a visit to Detectiv his own apartment.

In an abandoned building, Lieutenant Winston and his related crooked cops meet with a contact who has been tasked with getting back the money Catwoman stole from them. With the police frustrated and ready to count their losses and kill Catwoman, the contact tells them to stay calm and that he's getting closer and that killing her gets them nothing. Finally the identity of the contact is revealed as Spark, Catwoman's heist partner and make-out buddy.


"And All That is Left is For Me."Edit