"Battle in Black"Edit

In the Black Room, Catwoman has been affected by the Black Diamond that she was hired to steal. Trapped in the room with a young scientist named Darwin, she wreaks havoc, feeling driven towards joy in violence. Unfortunately, her contact with the diamond has awakened several other evil and magical items within the room.

Awkwardly, Darwin tries to talk sense into Catwoman, hoping to keep her from letting the diamond from coming into contact with the map that she used to find it, and further, to prevent those two from returning to whomever it is that hired her to get them. Unfortunately, when she slips the diamond into her cleavage, the map and the diamond meet.

Meanwhile, the A.R.G.U.S. guards struggle to figure out what to do about a room full of powerful magic artifacts gone bad. Answering their call, Darwin grabs one of their walkie-talkies and explains that they need to get out of the room without letting the creatures inside out after them. In the meantime, Catwoman attacks an escalation demon, following her instinct for violence. With the help of the magical disembodied arm of a boxer, she sends the demon back to where it came from.

The guards are unable to get the door open themselves, so Darwin, Catwoman (re-disguising herself as Professor Klimt), and two downed guards commandeer the Haunted Tank, hoping to ram the doors and escape with enough time to plug the hole, and keep the magic inside. Driving the tank herself, Catwoman rams a hole through the doors, and they escape out of the hatch. Despite this, she stumbles and collapses, apparently affected by something.

After being taken away in an ambulance, Selina loses track of time, knowing only that she escaped from the vehicle before arriving at the hospital, and eventually found herself in Trip Winter's arms. She gives him the diamond and warns him that she doesn't want to take any more creepy jobs.

Trip takes the diamond to the man who hired him, and after he has left, the man - who had been under the guise of Bruce Gordon - grips the diamond in his hand, pleased to be reuinited with it after so long. Soon, it will be time for Alex Montez to do some damage.

Catwoman, meanwhile, is uncomfortable with how easily she lost control, and worries that maybe she has fallen out of love with diamonds.


"Battle in Black""Edit