"I could say that I'll sleep better, but that's a lie."Edit

After some rather vigorous sex, Batman warns that Catwoman must be in danger, given that her apartment was just blown up. Despite his serious tone, Selina thinks he might be motivated by some kind of care for her. As she escapes off the roof, leaving him alone, Selina muses that Batman likely hates himself for being so attracted to her, and failing to bring her to justice. She can live with that. Back on the job, Catwoman breaks into the home of the leader of the Russian Egorovs Clan, stealing a painting of sentimental value to him in hopes of holding it for ransom. It is an ugly painting, but she believes he will pay up.

She then arranges for both the Egorovs Clan and their rivals, the Ivgene Clan, to make exchanges for the painting. From the latter, she demands that the exchange be handled by Renald Ivanko, a man with whom she has a violent history. She chooses a very public place for the drop off: a Wayne Foundation charity ball.

Selina shows up to the party in a very revealing disguise, expecting to stand out. One of those whose eyes she catches happens to be Bruce Wayne, who unbeknownst to her, is fairly certain that she and Catwoman are one and the same. His butler Alfred Pennyworth warns that given his own alter ego, Bruce should keep his distance. Naturally, he accosts her directly instead.

Trying to keep up the appearance that he is a drunken playboy, Bruce sidles up close to her and makes some sleazy remarks. He notices that she is preoccupied with text messaging. Via her phone, she instructs each gang to leave their payments in different parts of the mansion as Bruce heavily insinuates that he would like her to leave with him. She blows him off, rushing away, and as he watches her, Bruce has Alfred relay the messages he intercepted from her.

Renald and his men arrive at the painting first, and make for to grab it. However, they are soon interrupted by the Egorovs Clan. Tensions grow higher between the two gangs, and Bruce arrives on the scene in time to recognize the leaders of both gangs. Suddenly, Bruce finds his head between the shapely thighs of Catwoman, and kissing him, she tosses a firecracker into the room, startling the thugs into opening fire on each other. Taking the money, she assumes that Renald will be killed in the hail of bullets and runs off leaving a bewildered and angry Bruce Wayne behind.

Happily and exhilarated, Selina returns to the home of her friend Lola, a former show girl. Calling out to her, Selina finds the house apparently empty. That is, until she opens the bedroom door to find Lola's corpse tied to a chair, apparently tortured and then shot in the head.

Selina is given little time to grieve, as she is almost immediately punched in the face by thugs wearing skull masks. They beat her savagely until a voice reminds them that he wants her to be awake. A strange looking man stands over her, introducing himself as Louis Ferryman, also called Bone. He rightly assumes that she is the irritating woman who has been dressing up as a cat, and stealing from him.


"I could say that I'll sleep better, but that's a lie."Edit