"Race of Thieves, Part 1: Crime Pays"
Catwoman Vol 4-30 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Catwoman
Issue Number: 30
First Published: April 23, 2014
Previous Issue: Catwoman #29
Next Issue: Catwoman #31


"Race of Thieves, Part 1: Crime Pays"Edit

“The Race of Thieves” begins! Despite her best efforts, Selina Kyle just can’t stop being Catwoman. What’s dragged her back into the catsuit? A globe trotting contest that will have her competing to earn the prize for being the best thief in the world. But watch out, Catwoman there’s no honor among thieves!


"Race of Thieves, Part 1: Crime Pays"Edit



  • Gotham City
    • Two Toms Gym
    • Gotham Animal Shelter
    • Gotham PDHQ Crime Hotline
    • The Foundling Hospital
    • Alice Tesla's Workshop
  • Mirror World


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