"I'm Good at Getting People to Do What I Need Them to Do"Edit

Partnered with Spark, Catwoman finds her way into a well-secured mansion by sneaking in through the grate in the bottom of the swimming pool. Spark disables the security system with his electrical powers, and the pair make their way deeper into the mansion in search of a set of five daggers of great value. Unfortunately, one of the daggers is missing - which diminishes the value of the set significantly. Also unfortunate is the fact that the mansion is not empty, and they are set upon by security personnel. Grabbing the four remaining daggers, the pair make their escape.

Selina believes that the fifth dagger is in the possession of the Penguin. Returning home, she attempts to convince her fence and agent, Gwen Altamont, of the job's value. After being assured that her information is good, Gwen okays the operation. However, she is distrustful of Spark. Despite the fact that he is helpful to Selina - and not to mention cute - he is a thief, and not to be trusted.

That night, Catwoman and Spark stake out the restaurant at which Penguin is known to eat at least twice a month. Every time he plans to go there, the restaurant is notified in advance, and Catwoman has managed to find someone who will give her the heads-up whenever one of those advanced bookings is made. However, as it is merely the day before Penguin's visit, Spark wonders why they're there at all.

Catwoman's eye is caught when she spots a hooker who seems to be upset by her prospective john. When she spots the girl being tranquilized and dragged into a van, she leaps into action, despite Spark's protests. The kidnapper, however, is well armed. Spark helpfully blasts the kidnapper, allowing Catwoman to disarm him. The kidnapper is not without more surprises, and he drops a live grenade into the van. Catwoman notes with some satisfaction that Spark's first move is to save the hooker in the van.

Catwoman and Spark begin questioning the local prostitutes, and they discover that there have actually been a series of kidnappings like this, but the police will do nothing to stop it. Catwoman vows to do something about it - after their next job.

Elsewhere, the Court of Owls meets to discuss the various obstacles in the corners of Gotham City to their continued control of it. Each of those obstacles will be killed by the Court's Talons, and the next of these will be Oswald Cobblepot.


"I'm Good at Getting People to Do What I Need Them to Do"Edit




  • Daggers of Aves