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Plot Edit

The Catwoman leaves jail and is turned over to her parole officer - Bruce Wayne. She immediately enrolls as a criminology major at Gotham City University. Aided by 3 overage freshmen named Brown, Cornell, and Penn, she arranges for the lifesized statue of Batman to be stolen from the university rotunda. Alerted by Gordon to the theft of the statue, The Dynamic Duo arrive on the scene. While The Caped Crusader examines the only clue to the theft, a freshman beanie containing a single red hair, The Catwoman uses the stolen statue as the model for a Batman costume for Cornell, who so costumed is an exact double for The Caped Crusader. The next day, Batman gives a lecture in criminology to Catwoman's class, where he gives a complete description of the statue thief. Believing Batman is on to him, Penn makes his escape as Catwoman secretly rings the class bell. Later, when The Batman and The Catwoman are sharing a soda at The Sweet Shoppe, a local school hangout, Robin The Boy Wonder informs The Caped Crusader about the recent robbery of a supermarket by a crook wearing a Batman suit. Before he can investigate, Captain Courageous, a newly arrived police officer from California has him arrested. While Batman waits in jail, Catwoman incites a student riot. Alfred, disguised as Batman's lawyer, arrives at the Gotham jail with a Batmakeup case, and, after a quick switch, Batman leaves the jail disguised as Alfred. That night at a rally in Chime Square, The Felonious Feline captures The Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder, deposits them inside a giant coffee cup, and activates the mechanical percolator that, in a matter of moments, will liquidate our heroes with deadly sulphuric acid!




Behind the scenesEdit

  • Art Linkletter cameos in the Batclimb.

See AlsoEdit

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