"Gothic Baptism"Edit

Magdalene is bound and when Stan takes off the tape, and speaks to her. She stays silence, and he beats her up for it. Selina asks a former prostitute where Stan is, and she answers. She leaves and steals some of her jewelry. Batman looks at the kidnap scene, and sees a cufflink, and remembers that Stan has one. Stan calls Holly, and asks for Selina. Holly lies and says no. Stan tells her, that he has Maggie. Selina hears that and goes to save her sister. Unaware, the phone is tapped by the police. In the theatre, Stan then asks Maggie to eat some food, but she says she doesn’t want any. Stan, then apparently breaks into tears crying, asking for forgiveness from her. Maggie, then says she forgives him, then Stan looks up sinisterly and says she is a saint. He takes her up to the rafters of the theatre saying she just opened the doors to purgatory for him. As he compares Maggie to her sister, Catwoman makes her presence known on top of a higher rafter and says she will kill Stan.

He throws Maggie over the railing. Catwoman jumps down, beating Stan, calling him a murderer. She then hears Maggie, who has grabbed a ledge. She attempts to get to her, but is further attacked by Stan. He pulls out a switchblade telling her that he told Maggie, they always play a game of cat and mouse. Catwoman whips the knife out of his hand and scratches his other cheek while he is on his knees. Selina moves over to reach Maggie’s hand, but Stan gets back and knocks out Catwoman, then stomps on Maggie’s hand. Stan trips, then falls over the railing. Stan and Maggie fall, but Maggie is caught by Batman and Stan snaps his neck, dying on impact. Selina looks over the railing and believes Maggie dead. She looks over to see Maggie alive and puts together, that Batman saved her and says Stan didn’t deserve to live. Maggie says she can’t decide that. Catwoman annoyed by Maggie’s ways, leaves through a window in the roof. Batman then tells Maggie, he needs to know what is happening with Catwoman.


"Gothic Baptism"Edit