Clarissa Rodriguez
General Information
Real name: Clarissa Rodriguez
First Appearance: Batman: Arkham Origins

Clarissa Rodriguez was a socialite, activist, and a murder victim.


Batman: Arkham Origins Edit

Clarissa Rodriguez was a socialite and activist, who was presumably friends with Bruce Wayne. During a Halloween Party that was hosted at Wayne Manor, Rodriguez was presumably harassed by Ian Chase, which forced the party's host, Bruce, to throw the latter out. She presumably ended up accepting marriage with the CEO and heir to the Riley Mining Empire, Horace Riley during that time. However, a few weeks later, on Christmas Eve, Rodriguez and Riley both ended up murdered by Chase as revenge at Crime Alley, coincidentally the same spot where Bruce's Parents were murdered during his childhood. Batman, Bruce Wayne's alias, uncovered the murder and Chase's role in it from a police scanner, and proceeded to have Chase apprehended after he narrowly avoided choking to death him in anger for their deaths.

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