Clawed Two-Face Thug
General Information
Real name: Unknown
Aliases: Unknown
Alignment: Bad
Affiliation: Two-Face (boss)
Characteristics: Armed with clawed gauntlets
Portrayed by: Unknown
Appearances: Batman Forever

The Clawed Thug was an outlaw who served under Two-Face. He was so-called because he wielded a pair of clawed gauntlets.


Batman ForeverEdit

That thug appeared to fight Batman after the latter had dispatched several of Two-Face's Thugs. He tried to charge at Batman with his claws, but was thrown into an electrocuted Thug.

He later reappeared at the NygmaTech Party when Two-face and his thugs crashed it. He fought Batman one on one and displayed an impressive style of fighting, however, it culminated when Batman dispatched him with a simple kick to the jaw.

Behind the ScenesEdit

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