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Lady Clay
150px-Lady Clayface
General Information
Real name: Sondra Fuller
First Appearance: Outsiders (volume 1) #21
Created by: Len Wein
Mike W. Barr
Marshall Rogers
Affiliations: Mud Pack
Abilities: Shape-shifting, body made out of mud.
Portrayed by: N/A


Sondra Fuller is a member of Strike Force Kobra who is transformed into a shape-changer by her employer Kobra's technologies, a process she agreed to become a subject for because she hated her own face.

After the Mud Pack formed and battled the Batman, Sondra fell in love with Preston Payne and they had a child named Cassius. After Abattoir kidnapped the child, the couple got into a fight involving Azrael/Batman.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Metamorphosis: Lady Clay can manipulate her physical features to make herself look like nearly anyone or anything. She can even alter her color. The only restriction appears to be a limited volume of mass. Her abilities are identical to those of Matt Hagen, but they are permanent, without the requirement for a source of protoplasm. She can additionally copy any special powers of the being she is mimicking.

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