Clayface is a mutant supervillain.

History Edit

Matt Hagen was once a member of the League of Shadows. He discovered he was terminally ill with cancer and that he would soon die. Determined to stay alive he decided to seduce Talia al Ghul and use her in a relationship in order to gain access to the lazarus pits.

Until his true intentions were revealed, Talia lured him down into the pits and once he was in the pit she locked him in the pit where he would remain until Ra's al Ghul's next use of the pit. Once he was out of the pit he was confused and angry, having transformed into a molding monster. Ra's then used his powers of persuasion to put him to sleep. He was then purposely shipped to Gotham City as a burden on Batman for foiling Ra's' previous plans.

Clayface fought against Robin and his teammates in a Gotham City sewer. He was on the verge of winning the fight and defeating the team until Batman intervened and defeated him single handedly.

Later on five years later, he was followed through a Gotham City sewer by Superboy when he was apprehended by the Team.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Clayface has the ability to control the density and size of his body mass, allowing him to take a variety of shapes. As a result he is able to fashion his form and limbs into weapons, like spiked anvils, and use them at will. He also has a malleable clay-like body which he can shapeshift to any form he chooses.