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General Information
Real name: Peter Malley
First Appearance: Batman #550
Created by: Unknown
Affiliations: None
Abilities: Shapeshifting
Melting objects
Portrayed by: None


The sixth Clayface, also known as Claything, debuted in Batman #550. Claything is created when a skin sample from Cassius Payne comes to life and merges with a DEO (Department of Extranormal Operations) scientist, Dr. Peter Malley. He has the ability to melt objects simply by looking at them. Claything is destroyed and his remains are stored at the DEO Headquarters.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Claything possesses many Clayface-like abilities, such as becoming soft and malleable, and being able to withstand bullets and other harm. He also manifested Preston Payne's ability, and could melt objects just by looking at them.

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