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Crime Alley
Crime Alley
General Information
Official name: Park Row
Created by: Bob Kane
First Appearance: Detective Comics #33
Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Sol
Planet: Earth
Country: United States
State: New Jersey
Locale: Gotham City

Park Row, later called Crime Alley, was a historical landmark in Gotham City.

History Edit

Past Edit

Originally a ghetto street in downtown Gotham, Park Row gained its glory after thirty years. The glamour of its heyday was changed to poverty, and the street was commonly referred to as Crime Alley. One of the first residents was Leslie Thompkins, who had been living there from start.

Park Row tragedy Edit

The Park Row tragedy, as the newspapers called it, was a pivotal point in the life of Bruce Wayne. A robber named Joe Chill murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne in front of their eight year old son Bruce after the family had watched a movie. Chill was first arrested the very same night he murdered them after fleeing the scene. While police investigated, Leslie Thompkins looked after young Bruce, and the two remained friends after.

Planned demolition Edit

Roland Daggett, director of the Daggett Development Corporation, considered Crime Alley a breeding ground for crime, and tried endlessly to get it demolished and replaced with a mini-mall. As the legal roads proved unsuccessful, Daggett sent his goons to evict the residents, and hired Nitro to place explosives on an old gas pipe. The plan was, however, thwarted by Batman. Only several already condemned buildings were destroyed, while the SRO Hotel, where there were still people, remained undamaged.

Preservation Edit

Bruce Wayne used his influence to keep the street preserved during the rebuilding of Gotham, making it the only part of the present-day Gotham City to remain. Bruce visited Crime Alley and placed flowers on the ground where his parents were shot.

Background Information Edit

Crime Alley is the location where Batman first met Jason Todd, when the youth attempted to steal the tires from the Batmobile. This is also where Doctor Leslie Thompkins maintains her clinic, and where Batman battles Superman in Frank Miller's graphic novel, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Park Row is also part of Arkham City, and the memory flashdrive that Catwoman steals before being captured by Two-Face contained information on Crime Alley, or rather, Park Row.

Appearances and References Edit

Batman: The Animated SeriesEdit

Justice League UnlimitedEdit

Batman BeyondEdit

Batman: Arkham AsylumEdit

While Crime Alley physically doesn't appear in Arkham Asylum (due in part to the game's setting) it does make an appearance (in Batman's second encouter with the Scarecrow in a Fear Gas induced nightmare realm). Batman comes under the effects of Scarecrow's Fear Gas after destroying Dr. Young's notes on the Titan formula, which causes Batman to relive his parents' deaths, walking down a long, never-ending hall that turned into a city street in the pouring rain. As Batman walked down the 'street', he heard his parents and a younger version of himself talking in the background, before they were met and attacked by Joe Chill (with his voice monstrously distorted). Batman then briefly takes the appearance of his eight-year-old self, hearing a younger Jim Gordon and another officer (who show little concern for what the young Bruce has just gone through due to the fortune the boy will inherit) discussing the murder in the background, before Gordon himself asked the young Bruce about the criminal at which point the voices begin to stop and Batman is restored to his normal appearance. Outside of the main story, there is a Crime Alley challenge map available via DLC.

Batman: Arkham CityEdit

Arkhamcity CrimeAlley
The Birthplace of Batman
Kal-ELAdded by Kal-EL

Crime Alley is among the various slums in Gotham City that make up Arkham City. It's inclusion as part of the Arkham City's landscape plays into Hugo Strange's plan to destroy Batman (due to its status as the place where he lost his parents). Crime Alley is located behind the Monarch Theater (it has been fenced in probably to prevent inmates from disturbing it, but easily assessible to Batman). On the alley's right entrance there is a sign marking it (the scanning the sign is one of Riddler's riddles). In the alley itself, chalk outlines of Martha Wayne & Thomas Wayne bodies mark the spot where they were murdered. Beside the outlines are a rose, a bouquet of flowers with a note (for Batman), and a Hugo Strange's interview tape where he question Batman on the effect of the murder of his parents (eerie sounds can also be heard including gunshots, add to it somber atmosphere). The note reads "It will end where it all began - Hugo Strange". The player can choose to pay their respects (the player can obtain the "Pay Your Respects" trophy/achievement by doing this). In the "Close Arkham City" Arkham City Story (which is obtained for scanning the crime alley sign), it is revealed that Bruce Wayne's campaign to shut down Arkham City is the result of his determination to ensure that the site of his parents' death would not become a monument to Gotham's failure.

Park RowEdit

Besides Crime Alley, the Park Row area is the main area at the beginning of the game. The Ace Chemicals building, the Monarch Theatre, the Solomon Wayne Courthouse (named in honor of one of Bruce Wayne's ancestors), Catwoman's apartment, and Gotham Cathedral (where Aaron Cash and the medical team work) are all located in the Park Row area of Arkham City.

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