Cullen Row is a teenage resident of the Gotham City Narrows, and younger brother to Harper Row.


Cullen's father had a habit of breaking things, then would disappear for stretches of time. His relationship with his father is stated to have been abusive, as his sister Harper lists Cullen, and herself among the things he would break. Eventually Harper applied for emancipation. After achieving this, she moved out, taking Cullen with her, and applied for a job with the city electrical engineer, and gets a job doing maintenance on the city's electrical grid.

Cullen and Harper moved into the narrows, and broke contact with their father. Unfortunately some of the local bullies began targeting Cullen, seemingly because of his sexual orientation.

The Wayne GalaEdit

After rewiring her landlady's apartment, Harper is paid with a ticket to the Wayne Gala where Bruce Wayne was to announce his revitalization project that will result in their home being demolished. She was initially hesitant to go, feeling she wouldn't fit in, and would look ridiculous. Cullen, however, managed to convince her to go, citing his desire for her to court Tim Drake (she denies any interest in one of Wayne's pet orphans, but Cullen reveals his own designs on them). As Cullen helped with her hair and make-up, she noticed a bandage on his wrist, which he tells her not to worry about. Cullen soon convinces her to go, citing his desire for her to have a night without having to worry about him, or the rent, or their father finding them.

When Harper returns home, she discovers that the apartment had been broken into, and Cullen has been assaulted, his hair cut into an uneven mess and the word FAG shaved into the back of his head. Harper comforts him before getting out the clippers. Cullen claims that she's wasting her time as if she fixes it, they'll only do it again. She agrees, but claims that's not what she had in mind, before taking the clippers to herself, and giving herself a matching haircut.

Encounters With The BatEdit

A few days later the same gang of bullies attacks them both as they're on their way home. Harper initially tries to defend them with a taser that she'd super charged, but this soon becomes useless after more bullies show up. Fortunately they are both saved by Batman, who tells the bullies that things won't go as nicely if he sees them at it again. Both are starstruck, and begin to seek ways to honor, or repay Batman for his aid. Though Cullen simply plans to get a bat symbol tattoo, Harper goes much further.


  • Cullen is gay, and has a crush on Tim Drake. His sexuality is also the cause of much of the bullying he suffers.