Cyber Cat
Cyber Cat
General Information
Real name: Christina Chiles
First Appearance: Catwoman #42 (1997)
Created by: Jim Balent
Doug Moench
Affiliations: None
Abilities: Super-Strength
Helmet Laser
Missile Launcher
Portrayed by: None


Christina Chiles had been working on a cyber battle suit modeled after a cat and decided to test it against Catwoman, who had broken into the lab in which Christina worked. Despite the power the suit gave her, Christina (now Cyber-Cat) was beaten by Catwoman. Infuriated at her loss, Cyber-Cat began a personal vendetta against Catwoman. As Catwoman managed to elude her Cyber-Cat became more and more fixated on tracking her down. Another confrontation with Catwoman resulted in failure because of the help of Catwoman's rival She-Cat.

Cyber-Cat made one final attempt on Catwoman's life but Catwoman had received her own suit of armor which gave her powers on par with Cyber-Cat's and finally destroyed the armor. Christina was taken into custody by the agency she worked for because of her unauthorized use of its technology.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Cyber-Cat's armor gave her superhuman strength and durability, as well as very long retractable claws, and a cybernetic tail that could strike enemies behind her. She also sported a cutting laser in her helmet and missile launchers in the armor forearms.

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