D. A. Alday was a man who lived in Gotham City during The Joker's reign of terror. Alday seemed to have been, just like Bruce Wayne, a supporter of Harvey Dent's campaign. He was present on the stage during the election ceremony.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • D. A. Alday was played by Lewis Hooper.
  • "D. A." were the initials of Alday's first two names, and therefore he shouldn't be confused with the former district attorney. During the election ceremony, each person had his full name on the plate (Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent, James Gordon, etc...) without any mention of the charges, so "D. A." couldn't stand for "District Attorney", also because the new one was Harvey Dent. Furthermore, in the Novelization, it was specified that the ex-attorney was a man who turned out to be corrupt, and therefore could not be seated among the guests.