Dana Tan is a Asian American living in Neo-Gotham. She was created for the animated series Batman Beyond.



Dana is an Chinese American living in Neo-Gotham. She is a senior at Hamilton Hill High. She has been dating Terry Mcginnis off and on for several years. She is often annoyed by his many disappearing acts. Dana at one time, was being terrorized by a disfigured stalker named Patrick Fitz who others referred to as Ratboy. Terry saved Dana from Patrick and his vermin minions but Terry had inadvertly caused an explosion which scarred Patrick even more. A few weeks had passed since Dana's encounter with Patrick in the sewers but she still had not gotten over the fear of being attacked by rats.

During a lesson in Dr. Pritchard's science class, Dana begins to freak out because Nelson had put a white lab rat in Dana's hair. She screams her way out of the classroom and into the hallway while imagining those giant sewer rats that kept her prisoner, were attacking her now. Terry calms her down and removes the rat. When Terry and Dana head back to the classroom, they are shocked to discover that the entire class has come under attack by rats. The classroom is screaming for help as the rats bite students but suddenly the rats are called away by some unknown source that came from the air ducts. Terry eventually put Patrick's obession with Dana to an end but Patrick may have survived his latest encounter with the Batman.

Dana Tan was Terry McGinnis' girlfriend. She never knew of Terry's life as Batman and was sick of Terry blowing her off due to his duties as Batman. Later, her brother, Doug got released from prison and she broke up with Terry. Her brother Doug got brought home by the police because he was a bystander of a Jokerz robbery and they brought him in for questioning which leads her to worry about him deeply.

Since breaking up with Terry she has tried numerous times to talk to him about their relationship with Terry stating that he's too busy.


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