Darius Wayne
Darius Wayne
General Information
Real name: Darius Wayne
First Appearance: Swamp Thing #86 (May, 1989)
Created by: Rick Veitch
Affiliations: Wayne Family

Darius Wayne is an ancestor of the Wayne family dating back to the American Revolutionary War. Darius Wayne is the fictonal brother of real life Anthony Wayne, and is the Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather of Bruce Wayne


Revolutionary WarEdit

During the war, Anthony and Darius Wayne won a critical battle against the British a few miles north of Gotham where Bristol Township would one day be. In reward for their victory they were given a small portion of the land where they hired crews to construct a Mansion for their families' future home, however it was not finished until decades later. 

Retirement and FamilyEdit

During or before the war, Darius had a son called Charles. Charles was raised in Wayne Manor until his father died and left to live in Boston, leaving the Manor vacant and only partially finished.

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