Darwyn Cooke was a Canadian artist. Cooke started out as a contributor to Warner Bros. Animation after being hired by Bruce Timm in the early 90's. In the world of Batman he is probably best known for revitalizing the Catwoman character, giving her the "goggles look" that has remained consistent in almost every incarnation since his 2001 series and its prequel, Selina's Big Score.

Batman worksEdit

DC Animated UniverseEdit

Cooke's first known used contributions were storyboarding the New Batman Adevntures episodes Legends of the Dark Knight and The Ultimate Thrill. Most notably he designed the stylish opening sequence to Batman Beyond and later returned to direct a Batman Beyond short film to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the character.

Batman: EgoEdit

A graphic novel published in 2000, and Cooke's first full fledged foray comic book storytelling.

Catwoman revampEdit

Cooke and writer Ed Brubaker did the initial four issue storyline for the new series, Trail of the Catwoman. The pair were compelled to revive the character of Slam Bradley to investigate the Catwoman.

Batman/The SpiritEdit

Cooke illustrated a crossover with the Spirit in 2007, with writer Jeph Loeb.




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