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General Information
Real name: Floyd Lawton
Alignment: Bad
Characteristics: Gender-Male
Appearances: Batman: Gotham Knight
Batman: Gotham Knight (novelization)
"Let's make my clients very happy"

Deadshot was an international assassin hired by the Russian in Gotham City to kill Batman.


Floyd Lawton

Floyd Lawton

Bruce Wayne has a flashback to the murder of his parents. In his penthouse, he examines the firearms he took from the underground tunnel's gutter which he intends to turn in to the police. Wayne admits to Alfred that even though he vowed never to use them in the memory of his parents, he can still understand the temptation to use one. Meanwhile, in another city, an assassin known as Deadshot carries out an assassination on a local mayor and returns to his tropical base. There, one of his associates hires him to carry out a hit in Gotham. It is revealed that The Russian has put out a hit on Lieutenant Gordon, and Batman is called in to protect him. Batman gives Crispus Allen Ronald Marshall's handheld PDA device, containing a link to encrypted e-mails proving that Ronald Marshall hired Deadshot before. He then follows Gordon's motorcade, Alfred providing satellite-imagery assistance using WayneCom satellites. Deadshot attempts to shoot Gordon from a moving train, but Batman deflects the bullet. Deadshot then gleefully reveals that Batman was his real target the entire time, and that the threat against Gordon was a ruse. He opens fire as the train enters a tunnel, and as Batman attempts to charge Deadshot, he is injured, falling off the train. Deadshot advances to where he saw Batman fall, gloating, but is ambushed from behind and disarmed. He and Marshall are arrested. Wayne confides to Alfred about how similar the fight in the tunnel seemed to the night his parents were murdered, and comments that "I've been trying to stop those two bullets all my life." He expresses discouragement, and Alfred agrees, but adds that he thinks Bruce has a higher purpose. Wayne looks up at the sky and sees the Bat-Signal.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the novel Batman fought Deadshot in an abandoned warehouse.


  • This version of Deadshot is very similar to his very first appearance, being that he is a has a secrete identity that is a millionaire.



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