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Destruction of The Batcave

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Destruction of The Batcave
Batcave Destruction
General Information
Location: Batcave, Wayne Manor
Media: Batman Forever
Result: The following occur:

Events SurroundingEdit

After Bruce Wayne had accidentally relinquished his thoughts to The Box and given his identity to The Riddler, who in turn told Two Face, trouble was bound to erupt.

The RaidEdit

On Halloween Night, joined by Two-Face's henchmen, The Riddler and Two-Face (who were terribly disguised as trick or treaters) tricked Alfred Pennyworth, followed by the Riddler knocking him out with his cane, and they rushed into Wayne Manor. Two Face and his men went after Wayne while the Riddler discovered and entered the Batcave. As Wayne and Chase Meridian fled, Two-Face's henchman fought them and lost, while Two-Face consistently flipped tails on his coin, meaning that he couldn't attack them. Meanwhile, The Riddler destroyed The Batcave by throwing rubber bats with bombs in them. Eventually, Two-Face flipped heads, and caught Wayne on the head with his bullet knocking him out. As Two-Face goes in for the kill, the Riddler stops him, and leaves his final riddle to Batman before the two leave with Chase.

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