"The Riddler"
General Information
Series: Detective Comics
Issue Number: 140
First Published: October 1948
Previous Issue: Detective Comics #139
Next Issue: Detective Comics #141


"The Riddler"Edit

Puzzle expert Edward Nigma cheats at puzzles. He uses that angle to create a costumed criminal identity for himself, the Riddler. Using puzzle clues, he tips Batman off to his crimes. The Caped Crusader solves the Riddler's puzzles then tries to capture his tricky foe. Riddler eventually leads Batman into a glass maze with a bomb inside. Batman finds his way out despite the fact that Riddler has barricaded the exit. In the explosion, Riddler falls off a pier, leaving only a question mark behind. Batman wonders whether his foe has died, or if the Riddler survived.


"The Riddler"Edit




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