General Information
Series: Detective Comics
Issue Number: 28
First Published: June 1939
Previous Issue: Detective Comics #27
Next Issue: Detective Comics #29



Batman discovers that a local criminal named Frenchy Blake is responsible for a recent rash of jewelry robberies. He tracks down a few of Frenchy's cohorts and fights them on a rooftop. Police arrive just as Batman recovers some stolen jewels. He evades the cops in such a way that they now believe that Batman may be in league with Frenchy.

This is all a ploy on Batman's part to lull Frenchy into a false sense of security. As Frenchy learns that the police are concentrating on Batman, it leaves him free reign to continue with his robberies.

But Batman tracks him down and forces Frenchy into signing a full confession. He delivers Frenchy and the confession to Commissioner Gordon.




  • Batman
  • Commissioner Gordon
  • Frenchy Blake (Only appearance)
  • Gloves (Only appearance)
  • Ricky (Only appearance)
  • Slick (Only appearance)
  • Gimpy (Only appearance)
  • Kelly (Only appearance)





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