Batman Versus the Vampire (Part II of II)
General Information
Series: Detective Comics
Issue Number: 32
First Published: October 1939
Previous Issue: Detective Comics #31
Next Issue: Detective Comics #33


Batman Versus the Vampire (Part II of II)Edit

The Batman flies the Batplane to Hungary. He attacks a stagecoach which he believes to be the property of the Monk. However, its only occupant is a dazed young woman named Dala. Batman takes Dala back to the castle hotel where Julie Madison is staying. Dala reveals herself to be a vampire servant of the Monk and attacks Julie. Batman stops her and takes her into the Batplane as they fly towards the Monk's castle.

The Monk uses his hypnotic powers to capture Batman and reveals to him that he is a master vampire with the powers of a werewolf. He casts Batman into a pit with snarling, savage wolves. Batman uses his silken rope to escape from the pit.

As dawn rises over the country, the Batman scours the castle until he finds the coffins housing the Monk and Dala. He melts down a silver statue and fashions two silver bullets. Using these two bullets, Batman destroys the two vampires.









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