"The Case of the Ruby Idol"
General Information
Series: Detective Comics
Issue Number: 35
First Published: January 1940
Previous Issue: Detective Comics #34
Next Issue: Detective Comics #36


"The Case of the Ruby Idol"Edit

A man named Weldon begs Commissioner Gordon for police protection. He tells him of a business rival named Sheldon Lenox who had sold him a ruby statuette of the Hindu god of destruction, Kila. Several days later, Weldon received death threats from Hindu idol worshipers demanding Weldon's life.

Batman investigates the case, which leads him to a fencing operation in Chinatown led by Sin Fang. Batman recovers the idol and learns that Sin Fang is actually Sheldon Lenox in disguise. The two fight and Batman punches Lenox, who falls out of a window to his death. The idol claims its final victim.



  • Batman
  • James Gordon
  • Sin Fang/Sheldon Lennox (First and only appearance to date)
  • Joe (First and only appearance to date)
  • Mike (First and only appearance to date)
  • Weldon (First and only appearance to date)
  • Wong (First and only appearance to date)




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