"The Screaming House"Edit

Batman hears screams coming from an old house and investigates. Inside a man, Joey, is being beaten. Batman knocks out the thugs, but Joey knocks him out and kills the thugs. Batman follows Joey’s trail to a man named Turg, who kills Joey for leading the Batman to them.

Batman learns that Turg and the gang plan to destroy a ship as they are foreign spies. Batman prevents the sabotage and defeats the gang. Then the Caped Crusader follows clues to the Head, Count Grutt, who is also Elias Turg. Batman battles Grutt who falls upon his own sword and dies.


"The Screaming House"Edit


  • Batman
  • Elias Turg/Count Grutt (Only appearance)
  • Carl (Only appearance)
  • Al (Only appearance)
  • Joey (Only appearance)