"Robin the Boy Wonder"
General Information
Series: Detective Comics
Issue Number: 38
First Published: April, 1940
Previous Issue: Detective Comics #37
Next Issue: Detective Comics #39


"Robin the Boy Wonder"Edit

When a circus owner, Mr. Haly, is confronted by gangsters working a protection racket, he refuses to pay. His star attraction, the Flying Graysons are killed the following night in an "accident" with the trapeze. The Grayson’s young son, Dick, has overheard the gangsters and plans to go to the police, but Batman, who attended the show as Bruce Wayne, takes the boy instead.

Batman trains Dick in the art of crimefighting. Dick already possesses acrobatic skill and ability. When he is ready, Dick dons a red and green costume and appears as Batman’s sidekick, Robin the Boy Wonder.

Batman begins smashing the establishments of the head gangster, Boss Zucco. Angered by the Caped Crusader’s interference, Zucco plans to destroy a construction site. Robin arrives and battles Zucco and his men. Batman arrives as well and together they gain enough evidence to send Zucco to the electric chair. Robin agrees to stay on permanently as Batman’s partner.


"Robin the Boy Wonder"Edit






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