"The Horde of the Green Dragon"Edit

Two millionaires are kidnapped leaving only one clue, a hatchet. Batman gets a tip from Wong, mayor of Chinatown, that the Tong of the Green Dragon is smuggling opium and is behind the kidnappings.

When Batman returns later to gather more information from Wong, he finds the mayor murdered by the Hatchet-Man. After a brief struggle Batman and his opponent are knocked unconscious.

Fearing for the safety of his partner, Robin follows a clue left by the dying mayor to Pier 3. He is captured there and brought before the leader of the Green Dragon. He duels an opponent, and Batman arrives in time to lend a hand in defeating the gang and avenge Wong’s murder. The kidnapped men are rescued as well.


"The Horde of the Green Dragon"Edit


  • Batman
  • Robin
  • Julie Madison
  • Wong (Only appearance; dies)
  • The Green Dragon
    • Green Dragon Tong (Only appearance)
    • Hatchet Man (Only appearance)
  • Henry Crandall (Only appearance)
  • John Cobb (Only appearance)