"The Case of the Three Devils"
Detective Comics 50
General Information
Series: Detective Comics
Issue Number: 50
First Published: April, 1941
Previous Issue: Detective Comics #49
Next Issue: Detective Comics #51


"The Case of the Three Devils"Edit

Batman and Robin tangle with three thieves dressed in devil outfits. The thieves are incredible acrobats and elude capture. Batman suspects they will try to take the stolen loot to a fence to sell it. He stakes out the place and springs into action when the crooks arrive. The devils escape again, but Robin trails them to their hide-out. After investigating the criminals' hideout, The Dynamic Duo discovers plan for the next heist. Batman and Robin arrive before the Three Devils can perpetrate their last theft as they fall to their deaths in the bell tower of the State Capitol Building.



  • Batman
  • Robin
  • The Three Devils (Only Appearance and Dies)
  • "Frankie the Fence" (Only appearance)
  • Mike (Only appearance)
  • Trigger (Only appearance)
  • Joe (Only appearance)



  • Batrope
  • Robin's Rocket Skates (Only appearance)


  • None


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