"Viola Vane"Edit

Batman stops a young woman, Viola Vane, from killing herself. He learns that Viola is expecting her parents to arrive in town where they will learn that she is not a great actress like she has told them. Batman agrees to help by convincing the citizens of Gotham to pretend Viola is a star while her parents are in town.

The Dynamic Duo also stops a crook from stealing jewels and furs that Viola has been loaned for the occasion. Viola is then allowed to perform the lead in a play in which she was the understudy. Her performance is excellent, so the director offers the role permanently as the original actress is going off to Hollywood to become a movie star.



  • Batman
  • Robin
  • Viola Vane (Only appearance)
  • Toothy Hair (Only appearance)
  • Jim Daly (Only appearance)
  • Mr. Vane (Only appearance)
  • Mrs. Vane (Only appearance)