"The Brain Burglar"
Detective Comics 55
General Information
Series: Detective Comics
Issue Number: 55
First Published: September, 1941
Previous Issue: Detective Comics #54
Next Issue: Detective Comics #56


"The Brain Burglar"Edit

A lie detector machine, invented by Professor Jon Henry, is stolen by some fifth columnists. They use the machine and the inventions of other scientists to aid their sabotage efforts. Batman and Robin stop a sabotage effort at an aviation plant, then Batman goes undercover as a scientist himself.

Batman is kidnapped by Dr. Deker, the leader of the fifth columnists. He escapes and stops Deker’s operations. He also learns of plans to smuggle foreign agents into the country. The Dynamic Duo then prevents the spies from succeeding by destroying the dirigible they are travelling in.



  • Batman
  • Robin
  • Linda Page
  • Dr. Deker (Only appearance)
  • Professor Dodge (Only appearance)
  • Professor Jon Henry (Only appearance)





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