"The Stone Idol"
Detective Comics 56
General Information
Series: Detective Comics
Issue Number: 56
First Published: October, 1941
Previous Issue: Detective Comics #55
Next Issue: Detective Comics #57


"The Stone Idol"Edit

Batman and Robin visit the ghost town of Ghost Gulch City. The city is poor due to a failed silver mine. Mad Mack, a crazy resident scares the citizens with a legend of a stone idol that will come to life if it falls from a cliff.

The idol falls from the cliff and does appear to come to life, endangering the mayor. Batman and Robin save the mayor’s life and soon learn that the silver mine is full. Mad Mack concocted the scheme to keep people away. Mad Mack dies in a cave-in and the contents of the mine are rightfully given to the townspeople.



  • Batman
  • Robin
  • Mad Mack (Only appearance)
  • The Mayor (Only appearance)


  • Ghost Gulch City (Only appearance)



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