"The Night of Thanks, But No Thanks!"
Detective Comics Vol 1-567 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Detective Comics
Issue Number: 567
First Published: October, 1986
Previous Issue: Detective Comics #566
Next Issue: Detective Comics #568


"The Night of Thanks, But No Thanks!"Edit

Batman attempts to go into action on a night when he really should have stayed in bed because during his nightly patrol all he comes across are situations, that despite initial appearances, involve no criminal activity.


"The Night of Thanks, But No Thanks!"Edit


  • Batman
  • Alfred Pennyworth
  • Officer Schwartz (Only appearance)
  • Charlene (Only appearance)
  • Rick (Only appearance)
  • Bernie (Only appearance)




  • Other stories in this issue include "The Face of Barricade!" (Green Arrow). The Green Arrow feature ends its run in Detective Comics with this issue.

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