Batman interrogates Kyle Abbott. Since intimidation won't work, he had to use a chemical truth agent, and a particularly nasty one at that. What he learns is not at all good - Abbott and Whisper A'Daire plan to use the crime syndicates under their control to flood the city with the serum that is extending their life spans. Unfortunately, the serum's side effects which transform its takers into animalistic forms are unpredictable and uncontrollable - Batman fears utter chaos in his city. For his role in revealing this to Batman, Whisper spits poison in Abbott's eyes and promotes Ekin Tzu to be her right-hand man.

Whisper, meanwhile, brings the next phase of their plan into action - bringing the Sicilian mafia on board. Able Crown objects to this, and when Whisper and Ekin Tzu (now utterly under Whisper's control it seems) reveal their changed natures, he calls the police with an anonymous tip about the drugs warehouse. Later, Batman interrupts the meeting with mafia boss Pasquale Galante before the latter can be given a sample of the serum. Ekin Tzu and Whisper A'Daire flee the scene, but when Tzu sees Batman, he surrenders, as the Bat is more sacred than either the snake (Whisper's animal) or the raven (his own). However, Whisper sheds her skin once more and disappears - Batman knows that it is not over.








  • Other stories in this issue include "Bassinet of Death" (The Jacobian). The Jacobian feature begins its run in Detective Comics with this issue.