"Air Time"
Detective Comics Vol 1-757 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Detective Comics
Issue Number: 757
First Published: June, 2001
Previous Issue: Detective Comics #756
Next Issue: Detective Comics #758


"Air Time"Edit

Members of the Lucky Hands Triad shoot and kill two police officers, an old hand and a promising new recruit. Batman is determined to track them down, and pursues them, but as he does so, he gradually realises that there is a more important priority - in their flight, the gang members knocked a car into the river. He arrives just in time to rescue the young family trapped inside.


"Air Time"Edit


  • Batman
  • Lucky Hands Triad
  • Hannah (Only appearance)
  • Jeremy (Only appearance)
  • Ethan (Only appearance)
  • Officer Ronald Gable (Only appearance; dies)
  • Officer Gina Everett (Only appearance; dies)



  • Hamburger (a dragon toy)



  • Other stories in this issue include "The Snake & The Detective" (The Jacobian). The Jacobian feature ends its run in Detective Comics with this issue.

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