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"The Crime Clinic"
Detective Comics Vol 1-77 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Detective Comics
Issue Number: 77
First Published: July, 1943
Previous Issue: Detective Comics #76
Next Issue: Detective Comics #78


"The Crime Clinic"Edit

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"The Crime Clinic"Edit


  • Batman
  • Robin
  • Crime Doctor (First Appearance)
  • Hodges (Only appearance)
  • Piggy Pinto (Only appearance)
  • Albert (Only appearance)
  • Ranson (Only appearance)


  • Other stories in this issue include "Trail of the Red Herring" (Slam Bradley), "The Mystery of the Mounted Marauders" (Crimson Avenger), "Taps for the Telegrapher" (Spy), "The Case of the Soundless Crimes!" (Air Wave), and "The Valley of Destiny" (Boy Commandos).

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