"City of Crime, Part 1"
Detective Comics Vol 1-801 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Detective Comics
Issue Number: 801
First Published: February, 2005
Previous Issue: Detective Comics #800
Next Issue: Detective Comics #802


"City of Crime, Part 1"Edit

To be added


"City of Crime, Part 1"Edit


  • Batman
  • Robin
  • Buddy Roach
  • Raffi "Moose" Moosakhanian
  • Toby Reffler
  • Jennifer Conway
  • Harold Green
  • Alice Green
  • Rosemary Pierce
  • Haddie McNeil (Dies in this issue)
  • Mickey Gravesly (Dies in this issue)


  • The "City of Crime" story takes place before the Batman: War Games crossover, and thus before Detective Comics #797.
  • Other stories in this issue include "When You're Strange, Part One" (The Barker). The Barker feature begins its run in Detective Comics with this issue.

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