"City of Crime, Part Four: All You Need is Love"Edit

In the beginning, Theresa Cushing is shot in the heart by Nathan Cushing, who goes to their child's room ( in the background, a baby is crying. ) When Inside the room, he raises his gun and is about to shoot his baby, when Robin bursts in through the window. Robin then kicks Cushing in the chin, which flips the gun out of his hand. Cushing's skin then seems to get frail as he gets out a knife. Nathan runs towards Robin, who jumps over Cushing, who also, in mid-air, steals another knife in Nathans back-coat pocket. Cushing then stops and throws the knife behind him, which is deflected by the knife Robin stole. Nathan gets angry and scrapes his hands across his cheek, where at that point, his fingers melt into his face. Then he starts screaming. he runs towards his baby's cradle, and trips over a letter block in the proceses. He then loses his balance and goes out the window ( the baby stopped crying when Nathan came in the room. When Robin comes in, it starts crying again. It hasn't stopped yet. )


"City of Crime, Part Four: All You Need is Love"Edit


  • Batman
  • Robin
  • Mr. Freeze
  • Ventriloquist
  • Theresa Cushing (Dies in this issue)
  • Nathan Cushing
  • Andrew McNeil
  • Mrs. McNeil
  • Sgt. Frank Ivers
  • Detective Elliot Lynch
  • Marlene Welles
  • Robbie Welles


  • The "City of Crime" story takes place before the Batman: War Games crossover, and thus before Detective Comics #797.
  • Other stories in this issue include "When You're Strange, Part Four" (The Barker). The Barker feature ends its run in Detective Comics with this issue.